FAIRFAX, Va. (WDVM) — A woman and minority-owned cybersecurity and information technology consulting firm known as will be expanding in Fairfax County, creating 10 new jobs.

Founded in 2010, SecureTech360 has doubled in size as a small business. Governor Ralph Northam said this is the perfect illustration of how small businesses can thrive in the Commonwealth.

SecureTech360 will build its presence in the healthcare IT and cybersecurity fields to provide secure and equitable products, providing clients with patient-centric IP-enabled healthcare, pharmaceutical, and ancillary services, powered by green technologies and cybersecurity. County officials said they’re excited to see growing opportunities in IT sectors for diverse populations.

Victor Hoskins, President/CEO of Fairfax County Economic Development and Authority said,
“Every time we retain a job what we know is it’s not a job, it’s actually a household, and when you do multiple households you start really growing and retaining communities. This is what’s important to us we need to save every job and really grow every job that we can especially in the IT sector because it has grown so fast.”

Hoskins says SecureTech360 owner Quiana Gainey is performing well to protect important information and looks forward to growing companies just like this one. Gainey said her hope is to educate and empower disenfranchised individuals who have systematically been left out of the industry while transforming the local economies in which SecureTech360 resides.

The firm will invest $155,000 to expand in Fairfax County.