VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (DC News Now) — The mother of a girl who was found dead in a hotel room was in jail Wednesday, held on a child abuse and neglect charge.

The Virginia Beach Police Department (VBPD) said it began investigating the death of a 2-year-old girl from Washington, D.C. on Monday and that the death was considered suspicious.

A spokeswoman for VBPD said that officers were at a hotel in the 3600 block of Atlantic Ave. at the Oceanfront shortly after 3:30 a.m. on August 1. When they got there, police found a woman having a medical emergency and a 2-year-old girl dead in a room.

The way the child died wasn’t obvious. The police department said it was awaiting more information from the Medical Examiner’s Office Tuesday, including the girl’s cause of death. Investigators are also waiting for the autopsy report of the toddler’s body to determine whether Andrade will face more charges.

A spokeswoman for Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) in Washington said that the woman in the hotel room was Leandra Andrade, the mother of the girl who died. The spokeswoman said Andrade left the District after losing a custody case and last was seen in the city on Friday, July 29.

Leandra Andrade

The girl’s father, Fabio Andrade, was given full custody and knew that Andrade would have their daughter this past weekend. Andrade released a statement through his lawyer that detailed his devastation and requested privacy as the family mourns the loss of his daughter.

Statement from Fabio Andrade

A friend of Andrade contacted the Metropolitan Police Department after the friend saw concerning social media posts from Andrade. MPD said it started investigating and tracked Andrade to Virginia Beach at which point VBPD began to help.

On August 1, Andrade posted twice on her Instagram page. One post contained pictures of her with her daughter and detailed their time at the beach. It included an apology to her daughter, saying she deserved the world:

We read about seashells and I let you listen to the sound of the ocean holding an oversize shell yo your ear. You were so intrigued. A genuine curiosity about the world. So I took you to the beach. You’d been before, but it was out first trip together. The mama-mini experience I always wanted but never had due to the pandemic. Your fearless soul jumped the waves and threw sand with your shovel. We buried our feet in the sand. Everyone complimented how charismatic you are. You are stunning, conversational and beautiful. You were so proud I was your mama. Every stranger you saw you pointed to me and said ‘mama.’ I love you so much. I’m so sorry, baby. You deserved the world.

Leandra Andrade via Instagram

A second post explained her wishes to leave her husband calling him an abuser and a manipulator:

I wish I left when I saw him for who he was by Feb 2019, but I got pregnant. I wish I left when it felt uncomfortable staying. I wish I left when I knew things in our home were escalating in 2021.  I wish I left when my husband began to use legal jargon in July 2021.  I wish I left when my husband’s demeanor became regularly angry and aggressive. I wish I left when I suspected he had a lawyer in Sept/Oct 2021. I wish in Nov 2021 that instead of getting a lock on my bedroom door that I left.  I wish I left when I caught him audio recording me in Dec 2021. I wish I left when he confirmed out he had a lawyer in Dec 2021/Jan2022 and I knew fore sure he was manufacturing and fabricating evidence.  I wish Ieft when he tried to get aggressive with me and necessitating the police to be called to our house in Jan 2022. I wish I never told him I was leaving the morning of March 16, 2022 or I would have finally successfully escaped his physical and emotional abuse.  Most importantly, I wish I left for my daughter, because she deserved the world.  I am disappointed in myself that this was the only way I could finally get out of his reigns and be free from my abuser and manipulator.

Leandra Andrade via Instagram

The Metropolitan Police Department said Andrade’s car was in the parking lot of a hotel other than the one where VBPD officers found them.

MPD said it wasn’t made aware of any signs prior to Monday that would have indicated Andrade may have harmed her daughter.

Andrade had a court appearance via video on Wednesday. She was in the Virginia Beach Correctional Center and had a bond hearing scheduled for Thursday, August 4.