Dental care can be expensive, but dentists in Winchester don’t want money to cost you your smile.

On Friday, the staff at Shenandoah Valley Dentistry offered free dental work, doing fillings, extractions, and cleaning for those who ordinarily can’t afford dental care. The practice partnered with the non-profit “Dentistry from the Heart” to provide care to the community.

Halfway through the day, the dentists had already exceeded the 50 patients they had anticipated. 

“Dentistry unfortunately in this day and age is so expensive,” said Dr. Jared Pell, the dentist who owns the practice. “Insurance helps a little bit but it’s unfortunate, it’s cost prohibitive for a lot of people so the need is tremendous. It’s everywhere.”

Dr. Pell says he hopes to hold the event at least twice a year in the future, and possibly hold an event to offer free care to veterans specifically.