WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — The damage caused by recent tropical activity has been nothing short of devastating. With the threat of Ian upon parts of the U.S., first responders from the DMV are ready to help people affected by the storm, right on the heels of other first responders from the area doing the same.

Members of Virginia Task Force 1 and Virginia Task Force 2 were activated and sent to Florida to help FEMA’s efforts there as it appeared Tropical Storm Ian would reach hurricane strength by the time it makes it to the Sunshine State. Forty-five members team members, along with K-9s headed south Saturday night with truckloads of equipment.

Members of the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue packing supplies for their deployment to Florida ahead of Tropical Storm Ian. Photo courtesy of Fairfax County Fire and Rescue, FFXFireRescue on Twitter

The teams’ deployments come after a similar one for their counterparts in Maryland.

After Hurricane Fiona hit Puerto Rico, leaving thousands without power and destroying the island with severe flooding and landslides. Maryland Task Force 1 was activated on September 18 and deployed on September 20.

Maryland Task Force 1 pictured before deployment. Photo courtesy of Pete Piringer, MCFRSpio on Twitter

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service said the team, which was on its way home Saturday night after being deactivated, faced washed-out roadways, mudslides, and significant flooding in the wake of the storm. Team members spent their deployment in Humacao, Yunacoa, Ponce, Adjuntas, and other parts of the island.

Maryland Task Force 1 pictured boarding a plane, en route to Puerto Rico. Photo courtesy of Pete Piringer, MCFRSpio on Twitter

Members of Maryland Task Force 1 worked alongside Nebraska Task Force 1 while it was in Puerto Rico.

Virginia Task Force 1 and Virginia Task Force 2 was deployed to Florida with Ohio Task Force 1.