ARLINGTON, Va. (WDVM) — Community members in Virginia and Maryland came together to deliver over 5,000 meals to isolated seniors throughout the greater DMV area.

The gesture is now a yearly tradition, started by Arlington’s Medium Rare restaurant owner, Mark Bucher, at the beginning of the pandemic.

It all started with a tweet back in March 2020, offering free steak dinners to seniors over 70, and those unable to leave their homes. Since then, thousands of meals have been delivered, and the greater DMV community came together to deliver even more meals for Thanksgiving.

“He just started delivering meals to whoever he could, and that’s what’s turned into our holiday meal deliveries. We do Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, Passover and Christmas,” said Marin Fulton, project manager.

Medium Rare partnered with non-profit Feed the Fridge to provide the meals and relied on community members to submit the names of those in need.

Then, residents and military members were called on to drop off the Thanksgiving dinners. Jacob Fulton is one of those volunteers. He knows the feeling of being alone on the holidays — this is the first time in four years that he will be with his family for Thanksgiving.

“I’m an active military member, I know what it’s like to not be with your family for Thanksgiving. I just wanted to get out here and get meals to these people who need a friend or need somebody,” he said.

Thus far, Medium Rare and Feed the Fridge have served over 100,000 meals to seniors since the beginning of the pandemic. Their next goal is to serve 300,000.