WINCHESTER, Va. (DC News Now) — Two Greenwood Mill Elementary students spearheaded a project to make a more inclusive playground for students with mobility issues.

“They noticed when we were outside that some of our current students didn’t have access to all of the playground equipment that most of them did have access to,” third-grade teacher Joy Campbell said. “So, they started realizing that this is going to be a problem this year for everybody to be inclusive in the playground area.”

Over the past two years, the class worked in groups to create items to include in the playground that all kids could play with no matter their disability.

“When I was doing it, I was thinking of like this wheelchair swing, it’s like flat and then it has two borders,” Fifth-grade student, Reagan Gore said.

Now, the final product includes several items where students don’t have to move up, down or across the playground.

“There are two pieces of equipment that children can play with that are more sensory related and they can make noise and drum on it,” third-grade teacher, Danielle Homan said.

“Nobody really has to play alone anymore,” fifth-grade student Liam Pankus said. “Everybody can play around the same things, and they can figure out compromises.”

According to teachers at Greenwood Mill Elementary, the playground is just a start to building more inclusive projects at the school.