FALLS CHURCH, Va. (DC News Now) — At least one speaker accused Fairfax County School Board members of being ‘groomers’ as the county weighs whether it wants to change the way Family Life Education, essentially sex education, is taught in its schools.

At a Thursday evening meeting, speakers were mostly critical of the proposed changes. It culminated with Board Member Melanie Meren asking the board’s chair to remind community members that they are not allowed to use slurs.

The main argument the board heard is that the proposed changes to sex education are just to fulfill an activist agenda.

The change would make Family Life Education co-ed from fourth to eighth grade and would explore instruction of gender identity in elementary school.

Some Fairfax County students showed support for the proposals earlier this year at a rally, saying the changes would help create a more inclusive system.

“It’s not inclusive, it’s abusive,” said Nick Matich, a community member who attended the meeting. “It’s anti-science.”

Karen Solon also spoke, but she favors the changes. She said without them, future generations could be missing information.

“I was left to educate myself as an adult about the complexities of gender, which I have done,” she said.