The Fairfax County Police Department is always recruiting, but since December of 2018 it’s been inspiring future law enforcement officers in a new way.

FCPD was the first in the nation to adopt the Public Safety Cadets program, which teaches students aged 14 to 21 the ins and outs of law enforcement and volunteers them for service hours.

Lieutenant Colonel Ted Arnn co-founded the program as a member of the Public Safety Cadets board of directors, headquartered out of Loudoun County. “We’re giving them the right training. We’re making sure they’re coming into their profession for the right reasons and that’s vitally important today that they’re getting the right police officers out there,” said Arnn.

If they apply for a full-time job, cadets in good standing will have priority and even an extra step in pay if they’re hired. 

Since December about 60 other departments nationwide have also enrolled in the program.