FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. (WDVM) — The Fairfax County School Board approved a proposal on Tuesday morning prohibiting firearms on all school division-owned or leased property.

The board will also be reviewing curriculum, safety protocols and professional development related to gun violence and suicide prevention, a release said.

“We must ensure that, as a school system, we are doing all we can to protect our students and staff from the horrors of gun violence. We know that students are in homes containing firearms regularly, whether it is their own home or the homes they visit,” School Board member Laura Jane Cohen said in a release.

“Late last year, Fairfax County Public Schools finally joined dozens of other school divisions with its commitment to educate parents about their legal responsibility to securely store firearms — one of the best tools we have to protect children from gun violence. However, our work to keep students, teachers, and staff safe is not yet complete,” another board member, Karl Frisch, said in a release.

The Virginia General Assembly first passed a law in 2021 that granted school boards the authority to pass such a proposal.