SPRINGFIELD, Va. (DC News Now) — A new concept restaurant is coming to Springfield Town Center on March 18 — and it is centered around cereal.

The owners, Brandi Forte and Noel Warner, described what customers get as a cereal experience. The shop offers 50 different kinds of cereal, including specialty cereals.

Forte said, “You will get cereal donuts, cereal cupcakes, cereal waffles.”

Even more than a treat to satisfy your sweet tooth, the owners hope the community has fun. Additionally, the owners have worked to make their shop inclusive, with special options for people who have dietary restrictions or are health conscious.

Forte explained, “We have gluten-free, keto-friendly, low sugar and plant-based options.”

Mixed in with the food options, the owners have put tributes to their loved ones on the milkshake menu.

“Noel and I are both widows, that’s what we have in common. We have a tribute in honor of our spouses and behalf of our children,” Forte said.

The milkshakes have their spouses’ favorite ingredients. Every time they make the milkshake or someone orders it, it brings a smile to their face.

Warner said, “It’s just the joy, the pleasure. It feels like I’m making it for her.”

The Day and Night Cereal Bar grand opening is March 18, and all of the fun activities planned will happen from 12-4.