HERNDON, Va. (DC News Now) — There were still a lot of unanswered questions and a continuous police presence on Stable Brook Way Monday after two people died in an attack on Friday. Police were still trying to piece together the complicated scene.

Police returned to the home where a deadly shooting and stabbing happened Friday morning. This unfolded on Stable Brook Way in Herndon. Police were called there at around 8 o clock Friday morning.

Chief Kevin Davis said on Friday that the police department now has to work to determine who stabbed Christine Banfield and who shot Joseph Ryan. Davis described the 911 call saying the husband, who he did not identify, told the dispatcher that he shot someone inside of his home, accusing that person of stabbing his wife.

“We know what our 911 caller — the husband — told us, but, but we have a lot, a lot of work to do to substantiate that claim,” Chief Davis said.

Fairfax County Police confirmed to DC News Now reporter Katie Rhee that the house was still being processed on Monday for the investigation. Neighbors said that the forensics truck, which first pulled up on Friday, just left on Sunday.

“We’re gonna be here as long as it takes for us to thoroughly investigate and gather evidence,” Chief Davis said.

Chief Davis also stated that Christine Banfield’s husband has declined to speak to police about what happened. However, an au pair who was also in the house when this happened, has spoken to the police. Police also stated that at this point, no one is facing charges. They are still processing the scene, but say it’s not clear right now if they will need to remove anything from the house for the investigation.

“I think the person or persons responsible for this are already known to us, we just have to sort out who was responsible for what and we have to sort out the exact nature of Mr. Ryan’s presence in the home and we’re sorting through all that right now,” Chief Davis explained.

This is an open and ongoing investigation. Police said they don’t believe Ryan forced his way into the home, but they also don’t believe he “was necessarily a stranger.” They were still working to determine that.