VIENNA, Va. (DC News Now) — A week after frustrated tenants at a Northern Virginia high-rise apartment shared their frustration with DC News Now following what they described as a water pipe break, we checked in to see if any progress has been made.

In a follow-up interview with two of the same tenants who reached out to DC News Now, they shared that communication with management has been better, albeit contradictory, they said. They added one of the biggest changes since DC News Now aired the story several days ago is that more tenants are sharing their stories.

As we previously reported, on December 27, tenants of Adaire Apartments in Vienna said that water pipes burst, causing the sprinkler system to go off. The events started a chain reaction that they say has left people sick, stranded, and frustrated.

The water damage extended from the top floors to the garage, and tenants describe the state of the apartment units as “unlivable.”

“People are starting to get more an more frustrated, coming up with more and more stories,” said tenant Alex Kiberu a week after the initial story aired.

Kiberu and a fellow tenant, Rania Soussi, said the two main issues that remain are water damage and the lack of working elevators — they said only one elevator in the 30-plus story high-rise works, and it can take anywhere from 20-to-45 minutes for it to come to any given floor.

“We’re not sure how safe that elevator really is,” Soussi said. “Just the other day there [were] like eight people and a couch crammed in there, and it is not a freight elevator.”

Soussi said communication has been happening more, but comes with mixed messages. She said one manager said there was no mold, but than an email from management said all visible mold was removed.

She believes mold still exists, even if it’s not visible.

“I’ve been going back and forth between [Adaire] and the hotel,” she said. “Each time I’m at the hotel, I’m fine. I don’t have any symptoms. And each time I come [to the Adaire] I have congestion, a migraine, dizziness.”

She said the only way out of the lease is to present a doctor’s note and sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Once again, we reached out to the apartment owner, Greystar, with more questions.

We wanted to confirm the validity of these claims, as well as ask when all the elevators will be restored, and if there is any remaining mold underneath carpets, perhaps in the hallway.

So far, we have not received an answer.