CHANTILLY, Va. (WDVM) — The echoes of 9/11 ring loud for Ed Donnelly. His brother, Lieutenant Kevin Donnelly with the New York Fire Department Ladder Company Three, was one of over 500 first responders who died on that day during rescue operations.

20 years later, Ed is still grieving the loss of his brother and paying tribute.

“I don’t think he ever expected the towers to come down,” said Ed.

Ed said even with all the medals and achievements his brother had being a firefighter, he knew his brother may not survive.

“I also knew there was going to be some firemen that wouldn’t survive that day. This was the fire of the century, my brother had always talked about this potential fire,” said Ed.

Donnelly, a former volunteer firefighter captain and burn center nurse, said he knew victims would either suffer from burns or die; there is no between.

“There was not a lot of suffering, everything was just so traumatic, so over the top that’s why bodies weren’t found everything was pulverized,” said Ed.

With the memory of Kevin always with him, Ed created a pain relief cream called “Amour CBD,” a company he founded after his wife fell and injured her back and needed an alternative to opioids to relieve her pain.

“It works wonderfully it has no THC, so a first responder won’t have to worry about a urine test,” said Ed.

We asked Ed: If his brother was still here, does he think he will be proud?

“Oh god yes. I know he would be yes because I am very proud of him” said Ed.

On September 11, the first 250 responders across the county can receive a free Amour CBD pain relief cream with the discount code HEROES2021 at their website.