Father Krempa, the pastor of Saint Bridget of Ireland Catholic Church in Berryville, has been given the papal honor of chaplain to his holiness by Pope Francis and given the title of monsignor.

“When I was growing up there were a lot of monsignors around. I dreamed I would become one myself. It’s a great honor,” said Krempa.

For the pope to bestow the monsignor title, a priest must provide valuable service to the Catholic Church and serve some special function in governing the church.

“It’s a call to really deeper service of the church, not simply a reward,” said Krempa.

Saint Bridget of Ireland Catholic Church became a parish of the diocese of Arlington in July 2017 and Father Krempa was named the church’s first pastor.

“That itself is a great honor to be the founding father of a parish because it’s difficult in the sense you have to get everything going. You’re able to set a tone for the parish and let the parish grow in that direction,” said Krempa.

Previously, he served as pastor of Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church in Winchester.

“Loved sacred heart, loved the people, loved the history of Winchester,” said Krempa.

Father Krempa says this is a tribute to all priests in the diocese because they all support each other and it shows that the hard work they do does not go unnoticed.