FAUQUIER COUNTY, Va. (DC News Now) — A Fauquier County Deputy reunited with a baby boy he helped deliver last year on James Madison Highway.

Deputy John Clubb was invited to the boy’s 1st birthday party. The baby was dressed in a Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) deputy’s uniform. The baby was also wearing a deputy badge that was gifted by the deputies after he was born.

The FCSO shared the reunion on X, formerly known as Twitter, saying in part: “We wish our youngest and smallest Deputy a very Happy Birthday!”

On Aug. 13, 2022, a deputy was on duty in the 6066 block of James Madison Highway when a vehicle pulled up beside him. The driver said the woman in the passenger seat was in labor and they were not going to be able to get to the hospital in time.

The deputy called for help and Clubb soon arrived. He immediately jumped into action, went to the passenger side of the vehicle, and found the expectant mother in a reclined seat.

Clubb told the woman to take a few deep breaths and assured her that help was on the way. The driver informed Clubb that the contractions were less than a minute apart.

Clubb and the other deputy assisted in delivering the baby. Clubb wrapped the baby in a blanket and handed the baby to his mother. He made sure the airway was not obstructed, and the baby started to cry.

Medical personnel arrived on the scene soon after and took over care of the baby and mother providing transport to Fauquier Hospital.