“The tax cuts recently passed by congress will cut taxes for our country’s wealthiest individuals and corporations, while simultaneously ignoring those who need help the most,” said George Mason student and president of George Mason democrats.

Former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe joined students, elected officials, small business owners, tax officials and affected families for a town hall on President Trump’s tax plan and its impact on Virginia’s working families. Officials say the event is a nationwide tour to shed some light on what they say are “devastating repercussions” of republican tax breaks for billionaires and wealthy corporations.

“For so many people who have not seen a pay raise in years, have seen their health care costs gone up. These are the folks, if you want to do a tax cut, these are the folks we should have given money to instead of giving it to the top earning people who did not need it and did not want it,”said McAuliffe.

According to the Tax Policy Center findings, 92 million middle-income families across America will pay more in taxes, while the 0.1 percent of the rich will get an almost $150,000 tax break.

“It benefits the corporations and some individuals. Sure, we needed it, America needs it but, in the end, I am concerned about what this will mean to the country going forward. Who doesn’t like a tax cut? But it is a very shallow political term. It is the consequences of this tax cut that I think are the most damaging. It is going to really wreak havoc on healthcare, education, Medicaid, Medicare and social security. This was the worst piece of legislation and that is really a statement,” said McAuliffe.