FREDERICK COUNTY, Va. (WDVM) — Frederick County Virginia Public Safety Communications now has new technology to help improve 911 calls.

The new technology, called NextGen 911, will make it easier for 911 dispatchers to pinpoint a person’s location.

“It allows us to use technology like what Uber Eats use and for DoorDash being able to get that location exactly where the person is and not so much in a radius point that could be 2-3 miles of a radius,” said Tamara Perez Public Safety Communications Director for Frederick County.

The County says NextGen will eventually include another important piece-letting people who need to contact 911 send in videos and images to the 911 Communications Center.

“So say they’re in an emergency and they can’t call or they can’t give us information or they can’t text so they have an open line so they would be able to give us a picture or while an event is going on or send us a video with what’s going on,” Perez said.

It took 18 months for Frederick County Public Safety Communications to get the new technology up and running.