FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. (WDVM) — It’s a class reunion of sorts at Stone Middle School in Fairfax County.

A principal, teacher, security specialist and an office assistant who work at the school may all have different occupations, but share one thing in common. The staff members all once attended Stone Middle School years ago.

“We didn’t really realize that all of us went to Stone until we were taking a photo for faculty photo day, and they said ‘If you’re an alumni, sit in,’ and we were all looking at each other like, ‘When did you go?,” said Yvonne Wood, office assistant.

The staff all took different paths, but it was the lasting impact the school left on them that brought led to their return.

“The man I worked for in the after school program had such a positive spin on me growing up, and changing my viewpoint going into high school,” said Lamar Hardy, safety & security specialist.

Hardy’s colleague and special education teacher, Brooke Majors, says the environment is just as welcoming today as it was when she attended the school.

“It feels like home. I know people say that, but it does,” said Majors.

Current Principal Meredith Norris says ending up at Stone was full-circle, starting her first principal position at the school that shaped her.

“It’s just a neat way to be able to give back to the schools and community that really made me who I am,” said Norris.

The staff say the growing popularity and media coverage of their story in the county has created a unique bond among the coworkers.

“It’s kind of made us grow closer too in a way, professionally…Engaging with one another, checking on one another, now that we know,” said Majors.

Now, staff say the goal is to help these students navigate the twists and turns of middle school, because they, too, were once — quite literally — in their shoes.