Libraries aren’t just for checking out books anymore.

Patrons of the Handley Library System can now borrow XBOX, Playstation and Wii games from the Bowman Library branch in Stephens City. 

It’s all part of the library’s new services to get more people in the door at the Berryville, Stephens City, and Winchester locations. 

The new services include checking out video games and at the Clarke County location, patrons can check out wireless Verizon hot spots. New programming will include several live renditions of H. G. Welles’ “War of the Worlds” in late October and a health screening day to give out free flue shots.

The library’s director, who recently celebrated five years in the position, said it’s all part of the library’s mission to be a gathering place for local residents.

“We are uniquely positioned in the community to ensure that the public has a place to go to learn to do things, to collaborate with each other, to be entertained,” said John Huddy.

These new programs and services are coming on the heels of a successful summer reading program, which saw a 55 percent increase in participation across the branches.