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After more than 100 years in business, the Handley Regional Library System in the Northern Shenandoah Valley is ready for an upgrade. 

The Library announced Monday that its branches would be re-branding in 2019. This move includes changing its logo and website, as well as bringing new technology to allow patrons to check out materials themselves.

The Library’s Director John Huddy says he hopes the re-branding will not only make it clear that the Clarke County, Frederick County, and Winchester city locations are affiliated, but that it will also make it easier for patrons to access materials and services the various branches offer.

“We have great tools, but it’s not always apparent where they are, and it’s not always apparent if you’re just a casual browser of our website, what they are,” said Huddy, adding that the current website was designed by staff members free of charge. “The website renewal isn’t just to make us look better, it’s to help people find the data easier.”

Huddy expects to have the new website running by April, as well as new programs in the coming months.