Every day technology is continuing to change and expand and parents have to keep up in order to be on top of their kids.

That is why Flint Hill Elementary in Vienna brought in an expert to help parents.

Denise DeRosa, also a mother, started the company Cyber Sensible after years of working in the entertainment industry to teach parents what healthy habits are. She says it all starts with the parents themselves. 
DeRosa says all parents need to be in-the-know on technology, like being able to set limits and restrictions on their children’s phones, tablets, and gaming systems.

“You need to know what your child is doing. So what their favorite apps and games are and know and understand how the privacy and safety settings, time-limit settings work on those particular apps or devices that your kids are using,” said Denise DeRosa. 
Another part of DeRosa’s teaching includes pointers for online safety and for parents to go over these basic safety tips as they venture on to social media.