HERNDON, Va. (DC News Now) — The Herndon Police Department said an officer opened fire and hit a person Tuesday afternoon after that person pulled out a gun.

The department tweeted about the incident in the 600 block of Dulles Park Ct.

In a news conference, Capt. Justin Dyer said officers tried to stop a stolen car with three people in it around 12:30 p.m. in the 1100 block of Elden St. Dyer said two of the people inside the car ran off after it stopped. The third person stayed with the car. Police detained that person.

Officers chased the two people who ran. Dyer said one of them pulled a gun. An officer opened fire and hit him. That person was taken to the hospital, where police say they were in stable condition. Police took the other person who ran with him into custody. Dyer added that the person whom the officer shot was wanted by the department for a number of felonies and had several encounters with police prior to Tuesday.

No officers were hurt.

Dyer said the department turned the investigation over to the Northern Virginia Criminal Incident Response Team. Members of the Herndon Police Department wear body cameras. Footage of what happened is included in the investigation. The officer who opened fire was put on administrative leave, which is part of the department’s policy in this type of situation. Dyer said it’s up to the Herndon Police Chief whether that body camera footage is released to the public.

Jasmine Rosa witnessed the shooting from her window.

“And out of nowhere I hear someone scream ‘stop, stop, stop,’ she said. “So at that time I didn’t care about what was going on until like three seconds later I hear 3-4 bangs, loud bangs.”

Rosa said she’s focused on ensuring the safety of her community.

“It’s my neighborhood, it’s where I see little kids show up. So it is alarming to see these types of things happening.”

Hours after the shooting, and days after it was stolen, the car was reunited with its owner. She tells DC News Now she filed a report over the weekend after it was taken, and she’s relieved to have it back.

“I’m really happy I got the car back, and I will say that I’m really happy I also reported it,” she said. “Because if I hadn’t reported it and this had happened, it would come back to me.”

Police would not say where the person was struck, or how many bullets hit them.