This week the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors held a panel to lay out their long-term plan of how they can better help with affordable housing in the area.

One of the ways they intend to do so is by making housing affordability a crucial element in their planning by way of community outreach.This will let people know what and how they can be a part of affordability housing. That is why the First Baptist Church of Vienna created the ‘Housing for All’ event to get local lawmakers and affordable housing residents to know exactly what is going on. 
Hunter Mill District Supervisor, Catherine Hudgins, says it is all about engaging with the public.

“We want Fairfax County under our One Fairfax, to say that everybody is included in this, that everybody should be able to have a decent housing and a decent neighborhood enjoying the wealth of what we have in Fairfax,” said Catherine Hudgins, Hunter Mill district Supervisor. 

The other goals the county wants to see with affordable housing is to produce a minimum of 5,000 more new affordable homes.