ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WDVM) — Over 350 people showed up for the Wear Orange Rally in Old Town on Friday, June 3.

The purpose of the rally and wearing orange is to raise awareness of gun violence and call for an end to it. This year’s rally was the largest turnout in Alexandria history, but even more impactful was the stories shared by people who personally feel the loss from gun violence.

Jaque Tuck, a Northern Virginia resident, lost her brother, Adonis “A.D.” Wright, in 2017. She said, “It’s not a pain that hits the flesh. It’s pain that tickles the soul and really pierces the soul.” Wright was shot three times in the Green Valley Community of Arlington and left for dead.

Tuck was called by police and the person to identify her brother’s body. She said every time she hears of another person being lost to gun violence, she has the same feeling. “It’s horrifying. It’s just horrifying,” Tuck said.

While horrifying, the news is also motivating for Tuck. She said, “I keep pushing. There’s so much work to be done. We’re certainly at a tipping point where there’s remarkable work to be done. There’s some remarkable bills before Congress that need some work.”

As Tuck fights for change, she is not alone. Also at the rally Friday, Representative Don Beyer (D-Va). He said, “There’s so many ways to buy a gun without any background check. You could be mentally ill, a criminal or you could be a kid. So, there’s many things we can do from a policy standpoint to make this much better.”

To get involved with Moms Demand Action Against Gun Violence, text “ACT” to 64433.