As the national debate over abortion continues to spark outrage across the country, a local woman is sharing her story after having one of her own.

When Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed the state’s abortion law, it sparked both praise and criticism from women across the nation. Many are now chiming in after getting an abortion, like a local woman who wished to be identified as R.J.

“In 2015, I was still living paycheck to paycheck, I was 25 and starting to get my feet under myself. I had a steady job and steady housing and I lived with my boyfriend at the time and I felt like my life was going in the right direction,” R.J. said. 

Her decision to get an abortion came with reflections of her late great-great-grandmother who didn’t have a safe option. 

“After having six kids and being desperately poor, she went to something called the ‘back alley butcher,’ and she died. When I found myself with an unplanned pregnancy I knew that I could turn to Planned Parenthood. I have always wanted to have a family but not like that and definitely not yet,” R.J. said. 

On the other side of the debate, some say the abortion bill reveals a truth that women deserve to know. 

“Laws like the Alabama law are pro-women, the Alabama law simply recognizes the humanity of the developing human being in the womb,” Amy McInery, Director of Family Services for the Diocese of Arlington said. She believes the bill will deter a life-altering decision with long-term effects.

According to the American Public Health Association, nearly one in four women in the United States will have an abortion by age 45.