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Saturday morning, the Jennifer Bush-Lawson Foundation, a nonprofit in honor of an Arlington woman who died in a traffic accident in 2014, raised funds with its annual 5K for Virginia Hospital Center.

Bush-Lawson had three complicated pregnancies — each of her children were born up to six weeks early. 

“As we went through that experience three times we started to realize that we may have been taking this for granted,” said Neal Lawson, Bush-Lawson’s husband, of their healthcare.

Before Bush-Lawson died, she and her husband worked with Virginia Hospital Center to give back to low income, under or uninsured mothers and pregnant women. 

All of the 5K’s proceeds will go toward transportation vouchers to encourage visits to the doctor, blood pressure cuffs for pregnant women to avoid unnecessary visits, and a pilot program for Virginia Hospital Center remote visits.

“The patients are on their smartphones,” said the hospital’s Patient Care Director Michelle Altman, “the doctor’s on a computer in the office and they’re having a remote visit.”

Altman says sometimes a trip to the doctor is a matter of paying for the visit, or putting food on the table.

“We ask people to bend so that other’s don’t break,” said Lawson. “That was really her mentality in life.”