According to the Virginia Department of Education, Lord Fairfax Community College’s Adult Education program is one of the best in the Commonwealth. 

The program, which is just one of 22 in Virginia, is geared toward adults who did not graduate from high school.

The courses help students improve their reading, writing and math skills in order to get a GED, transition to a college setting or enter the workforce.

According to the program’s director, Amy Judd, adult education is one of higher education’s best kept secrets — but she’s hoping the ranking will help more adults find their way into the classroom.

“It’s not unusual for the person that you’re standing next to in the grocery store to perhaps struggle with reading or math,” Judd said. 

“And so we don’t want anyone to have any barriers to future success, especially when it comes to getting into the workforce or furthering their education,” she said.

Approximately 900 students participate in the program annually. 

Judd said she hopes new features, such as online classes, can expand the reach of the program, particularly in more rural communities.