ARLINGTON, Va. (WDVM)– One family owned businesses, a Church, and the Catholic Charities St. Lucy Food Projects raised almost $100,000 in donations to give back to those in need.

Keany Produce, A family owned business produce distribution partnered with Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Alexandria, and Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington’s St. Lucy Food Project to raise money for local food pantries.

Ted Keany, Vice President of Sales for Keany Produce & Gourmet said “COVID-19 hit our industry hard we sort of had to change directions, our restaurants closed, a lot of institutions and universities, so we had to be a bit creative and come up with an idea.”

Keany said the idea was coming up with a contact free transaction for fresh food and produce. Buyers can place their order online and then pick up their items during curb side pick-up.

“We put in a box, they can buy a box for themselves where they can pay and click a button online and pay it forward. When we established that up we agreed to match box for box and match that donation” said Keany.

Father Tom Ferguson, Pastor of Good Shepherd Catholic Church says this partnership with the Keany family and St. lucy Food Project not only helps those in need, but keeps everyone employed during this pandemic.

“To be generous in sharing with people in Northern Virginia who can’t afford food right now but we’re providing them with healthy food in this pay it forward program, where Keany is matching the donations of Good Shepherd parishioners and others in the Mount Vernon community, to provide these boxes of fruits, and vegetables to the Catholic Charities St. Lucy project. Essentially this distributes healthy food to people who are hungry” said Ferguson.

The Keany family matched an almost $50,000 contribution from church parishioners and neighbors bringing the total donation to just under $100,000.