LOVETTSVILLE, Va. (WDVM) — After a severe breast cancer diagnosis prompted years of studying medical herbalism, Deb Schaffer started a small business selling anything from incense to candles to special products for new mothers, all made in her own home.

It all started 15 years ago when an oncologist told Schaffer she only had two years left to live.

“I decided that this wasn’t going to be how my story ended,” she said.

She began studying earth energies and how they impact health and started looking for products to help as she was going through treatment when she suddenly had an epiphany.

“A little voice came in and said ‘your garden is right out there, go take a look’,” Schaffer said.

She started harvesting flowers and drying them, turning them into incense and layered candles, each containing 15 to 20 different herbs.

“They’re many-layered. Many layers of intention, and magic designed into all of the products,” she explained.

Schaffer opened her business, Enchanted Botanicals, a while back, but she’s added new products to her line over the years. Recently, she began making products targeted to help new mothers soothe their babies with massage oils, diaper-rash balm and more.

She said she’s honored when people say her products have changed their lives.

“I think being on lockdown, away from people, for a year or more, really gave people the opportunity to look inward and identify maybe some changes that they wanted to make or needed to make in their lives, and I like to think I’ve got tools to help them do that,” said Schaffer.

You can purchase Enchanted Botanicals products in Lovettsville or online here.