ASHBURN, Va. (DC News Now) — Several Loudoun County Public Schools could soon undergo a name change. At Tuesday night’s school board meeting, officials discussed and finalized the process by which the changes could happen.

The Black History Committee, Friends of Thomas Balch Library told Loudoun County Public Schools that there are 10 schools whose names deserve a closer look. They are Frances Hazel Reid Elementary School and Mercer Middle School (Group A), Belmont Ridge Middle School, Belmont Station Elementary School, Seldens Landing Elementary School, Sully Elementary School and Hutchinson Farm Elementary School (Group B) and Ball’s Bluff Elementary School, Emerick Elementary School and John Champe High School (Group C).

Renaming committees for each school will consist of the school’s principal or assistant principal, at least two current parents, two staff members, and two community members without kids in the school. For secondary schools, the committee must also include student representatives. For schools named after people, the district will attempt to include their relatives.

The schools that are eligible for a renaming include those named after Confederate leaders, people who lived during slavery or people who promoted racial segregation in the Jim Crow era.

One change was made to the process on Tuesday night: the school board voted unanimously to have a town hall for each school before its renaming committee convenes.

“When we get to the point where we’re putting together a naming committee we really have to be serious and believe that that is the firm intention that we’re going to rename it,” School Board Chair Jeff Morse said. “But at least we’re going to have the community feedback before we move forward.

Even if a committee is formed following the town hall, the group can recommend the school keeps its name.

Group A’s committees are slated to be formed between January-April 2023; Group B’s between May-September 2023 and Group C’s between September-December 2023.