LEESBURG, Va. (WDVM) — The Loudoun County Art Advisory Committee (AAC) is featuring artwork created by students of vulnerable families in the community.

The paintings are flying off the walls, and cash into the pockets of young artists like David Mejia-Medina. His artwork hangs on the walls with a total of 19 pieces created by students ages 11 to 16 in an exhibit called “Youth Movement.”

“What inspired me is happiness, and I thought about my family… I just thought about the moments that I share with them,” said Mejia-Medina.

The exhibit features works of students at INMED USA Partnerships for Children, a non-profit organization aiming to build pathways for vulnerable children to achieve self-reliance.

“Sometimes, they’re dealing with things that are very hard for us to imagine. I just hoped that this helped them to stop thinking about survival and just about expressing themselves,” said Jennifer Smith, Director of U.S. Programs at INMED USA.

Enter the Loudoun County Art Advisory Committee who is displaying the exhibit and Lisa Jones from the Loudoun Arts Council. Jones created the program to bolster confidence and constructive creativity in the budding artists.

“Once they stepped back and saw what they did, like David was saying, he was just proud, someone couldn’t believe they could create something so beautiful and these pieces are beautiful,” said Jones.

The pieces are selling between $35-$75 per painting, and half of the artwork has already been sold.

The student’s artwork isn’t the only exhibit on display. Gallery One is also featuring 24 ceramic bowls created by Loudoun potters to benefit Empty Bowls, to raise money for hunger relief in Loudoun County.

The exhibition will be on display until July 2.