LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va. (WDVM) — Loudoun County Supervisors along with the Loudoun NAACP are calling for Virginia Delegate Dave LaRock to resign after racial remarks were made on his blog.

Michelle Thomas, NAACP President/Pastor said, “He wont face the truth, which is Dave LaRock is a racist.”

The frustration stems from Delegate LaRock using the phrase “Colored Community” and his participation in the riots at the U.S Capitol January 6th.

“We must develop a zero tolerance for those who who would try to overthrow, undermine, or cause hate and division within our community” said Thomas.

LaRock represents parts of Loudoun, Clarke, and Frederick County. LaRock wrote: “Rather than focusing on the business of Loudoun County and the needs of the colored community, they are wasting their time and taxpayer resources to attack me.”

Although the phrase has now been edited to “Minorities in the Community.” The frustration doesn’t end with Thomas, it’s also coming from Board of Supervisor Chair, Phyllis Randall after his belief that the election was rigged.

Phyllis Randall, Chair At-Large said, “I have control over whether I put forth with my colleague Ms. Briskman a resolution calling for him to resign and saying why he should. We cant control whether he does or not and we wont imagine that he will. Just because he will not doesn’t mean we shouldn’t state it.”

Officials said they do not expect a apology from LaRock, and will not accept it for his colored statement. However they will continue to push for his resignation for his support for President Trump’s claims of election fraud.

“Respect is not a partisan issue, honesty, integrity and courage. In our Democracy requires that this moment people speak up and call the truth, the truth, and a lie, a lie” said Randall.

LaRock, who was first elected to the General Assembly in 2013, has appealed to conservative voters on issues, and he often aligns himself with Trump. According to LaRock he did not know the weight the outdated term carried, when asked why he chose to use it when it was offensive to many people.

Thomas tells WDVM that there are no winners in racism.