FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. (DC News Now) — A man that Fairfax County Police Chief Kevin Davis described as a “monster” is facing a lengthy sentence behind bars after he was charged with abduction with intent to defile, burglary, rape, and obstructing the use of a phone in connection to the sexual assault.

DC News Now has learned through court records that this was far from the first time 22-year-old Anthony Agee has been in legal trouble, as he has a criminal record in the county spanning over four years and several charges.

“This person was known to police officers,” Fairfax County Police Chief Kevin Davis said at a Tuesday press conference announcing Agee’s arrest. “He’s known to the criminal justice system. He’s known to the FCPD.”

Agee’s run-ins with the law began on April 30, 2018, when he was arrested and charged with a Class 4 felony for an attempted robbery. According to court documents, Agee and another man attempted to rob a man of drugs and money, using a gun and a knife in the process. The gun was stolen in Arlington County several months earlier.

Agee was held without bail and then was convicted of the crime. However, Fairfax County Commonwealth’s Attorney Steve Descano shared in a statement that “the suspect in this case was out on probation because the prior Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office offered, and the judge approved, a plea deal for a 2018 armed burglary that capped active incarceration at three years.”

Once Agee was released, his legal woes continued. After being charged in March of 2021 with grand larceny, Agee took a plea on a lesser petit larceny charge, a Class 1 misdemeanor. The plea allowed him to accept a conviction without admitting guilt. He had all 180 days of his sentence suspended.

Then, on February 23, 2022, he was charged on three counts after an incident at the Paper Moon Gentleman’s Club in Springfield. According to court documents, Agee and others were removed for causing a disturbance. While he was being removed, Agee stated he’d return with a firearm and “shoot up the place.” Police said Agee did return with a gun and someone — either Agee or one of the people he was with — did fire several shots. Agee was hurt; he was hit by shrapnel and brought to the hospital.

After that incident, he was charged with breaking and entering, brandishing a firearm, and possession of a firearm by a convicted violent felon. But the case was dismissed in court. DC News Now has requested comment from Descano’s office about the details of why it was dismissed.

Finally, Agee’s last recorded encounter with officers came just nine days prior to the alleged rape when he was brought in for possession of more than one ounce, but less than five pounds of marijuana. He was let out on $2,000 bail.

“We’re not done with him yet,” Davis said. “But he’s off the street. That’s the good news.”

Court documents also confirm what Davis said at the Tuesday press conference — in addition to the four charges Agee faces stemming from the alleged August rape, he’s facing one count of peeping/spying in the dwelling of another. Records say Agee was seen “peeping and masturbating at the building next door some time before.”

Other information in the records about the rape indicates Agee said he “wrote a letter to the victim asking for forgiveness, stated he was in a right state of mind.”

The 22-year-old is next due in court on October 17.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Descano wrote: “Our hearts break for the victim of the tragic crime in Reston over the weekend and we will prosecute this case to the full extent of the law.”