MANASSAS, Va. (WDVM) — A new medical marijuana dispensary in Manassas is treating Northern Virginia patients with cannabis they grow themselves on site.

“This is a program that is built and developed for patients of Virginia, of the Commonwealth, it’s a long time coming,” said Farzana Kennedy, Pharmacist in Charge at Beyond/Hello.

The dispensary first opened its doors to patients in Dec. 2020. According to Kennedy, the appointments have been booking up, as the dispensary is the only one in Northern Virginia — and one of three dispensaries in the entire state.

“When you talk to the patients, you hear how it has helped them,” said Kennedy. “We have patients coming from all areas.”

Although the dispensary is located in Manassas, any Virginia patient with a medical marijuana certificate is able to come and purchase their cannabis medicine products at the location.

“They have been getting products from places and other states and now that it’s here, they’re anxious to come and get it,” said Kennedy.

Beyond/Hello is staffed with pharmacists, to consult with new patients. The dispensary is also growing their own cannabis plants on location for manufacturing.

All of the plants being grown are dedicated to extraction, to create edibles, vapes, and other pharmaceutical products.

“We have started off with numerous seedlings,” said Maxwell Cranford, Director of Cultivation. “In this room alone, there are 1,747 plants.”

Kennedy says the most frequent reason for visits is from those looking for treatment for anxiety or pain from an injury. The dispensary accepts appointments from an online portal, initially starting at 30 appointments per day — but that number has grown.

“Now we are at a point where we are almost unlimited if we can follow the regulation of COVID-19,” said Kennedy.

The dispensary is looking for five additional facilities to come in by the end of this year, to meet the popular demand.

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