MANASSAS, Va. (DC News Now) — Firefighters rescued someone from an apartment after a fire started in the apartment’s kitchen Wednesday night.

When crews from Manassas Fire and Rescue Department arrived at the building in the 8500 block of Jayhawk Terrace where the apartment was around 9:25 p.m. They began evacuating the building. The information they had was that someone smelled smoke and heard a smoke detector going off in one of the units.

While crews were evacuating the building, they found the door of the apartment where the fire started was locked. After no one answered their knocking, firefighters forced their way into the apartment. They found smoke and the fire in the kitchen. They also found someone on a bed who was unconscious. They took that person outside for initial care. Then, a helicopter flew the person to the hospital for treatment for probable smoke inhalation.

Crews worked to put the fire out while the rescue took place. The City of Manassas Fire Marshal was investigating.