A Bethesda-based author visited middle school students in Virginia to discuss the history behind two major superheroes. 

Marc Nobleman spoke to Frederick County Middle School students about two of his biographies, focusing on the writers behind Superman and Batman.

Nobleman’s “Bill the Boy Wonder” brings recognition to a previously unknown creator of the Dark Knight, Bill Finger. He explained to students the rigorous research that goes into each of his books, and stressed the importance of persistence in searching for hidden information.

Likening research to hide and seek, Nobleman told the middle schoolers that with perseverance and research, they too could uncover the truth and make an impact on the world. He hopes kids will “see what you can uncover and what kind of stories you can share if you just stick it out.” 

“That’s what I want them to leave feeling able to do,” said Nobleman. “‘Maybe I can find the next big story.'”

As a result of the “Bill the Boy Wonder,” D.C. Comics acknowledge the contribution of Bill Finger’s work on Batman. Nobleman’s book was also the inspiration behind the documentary “Batman and Bill,” which is streaming on Hulu.