MARYLAND (WDVM) — A Maryland-based technology company is aiming to develop a new way to heal broken bones for wounded warriors.

Sonogen Medical, based in Maryland, is developing a device to help heal fractures through ultrasound technology.

The goal is to help injured veterans properly heal fractures in order to prevent future health ailments.

Sonogen is partnering with New York non-profit Music Beats Cancer to raise funding to achieve the goal of reaching FDA regulatory approval.

CEO of Sonogen Medical, Jason Winder, says the idea was inspired by his family who served in the armed forces.

“They’re dangerous jobs. They experience injuries at a much higher rate than the general population,” said Winder. “The dangers of having a bone fracture that don’t heal properly can be quite serious, it can lead to infection or amputation, or even worse.”

An initial study found the device improved bone density and strength by more than 25% over current FDA approved devices.