April 2 marks the two-year anniversary of one of the worst days in Robyn Graves’ life.

That’s the day her little brother, Ty Carper, 45, was found lying in the middle of Passenger Road in Stephens City. 

He was a great guy. He helped people, he was very protective. If he felt like you were a friend or you were family he would go to the ends of the earth for you, said Graves. He loved his children beyond anything. He wanted to be something for them and do good things for them and he just loved them to death.

Investigators with the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office don’t believe Carper died where his body was found.

Through the investigation, we are thinking that possibly he overdosed at somebody’s house and that they really didn’t know what to do, said Sheriff Lenny Millholland. So the easiest thing for them at that time was to take and place his body where they placed it, in the hopes that somebody would find it.

Carper’s family, including his two children, just want closure.

Graves acknowledged that her brother struggled for years with addiction, but says he was four months clean and sober when he died. She says it’s gut-wrenching to know someone dumped him on passage road like he was garbage.

Over a year later, and she’s still asking why this happened. 

He wanted to move forward and he wanted to be a good person, she said. And do good things for his kids and himself. And all the hard work that he did, he never got to use it. He never got to do anything with it. And it’s just heartbreaking.

Both Graves and Millholland ask for anyone with information pertaining to the death of Carper contact the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office. The Office is currently offering up to $1,000 reward for anyone who can provide information to investigators.