In November, the FDA approved new technology to help surgeons improve accuracy during spinal surgery, and a doctor in Reston is the first in the world to use the robot-assisted system.

It’s called Mazor X Stealth Edition and it combines three systems together help to improve accuracy and safety. The first part is a computerized 3-D plan made prior to surgery.

Then there are two different tools helping to carry out the plan once in the operating room. The first surgeon to use the new technology, Dr. Christopher Good with the Virginia Spine Institute, said the system is a lot like building a house. 

“Imagine if we design the perfect blueprint for our dream house and then when we build the house we have a robotic system that’s constructing the house and while it’s going up we can actually see what’s happening on the blueprint verifying that it’s going according to plan,” he said.  

Doctors say the robotic spine surgery also decreases the use of radiation in the operating room by 76 percent, benefiting both the patient and the surgical team.