TOKYO (WAVY) — Norfolk’s Keyshawn Davis can now add another line to his resume – Olympic silver medalist.

In a familiar meet-up on Sunday morning, Davis faced off against Cuba’s Andy Cruz. Davis and Cruz previously met in the finals of the Pan American Games Qualifier (3-2 decision), Pan American Games (4-1 decision) and the 2019 Elite World Championships (5-0 decision).

However, on Sunday morning, Cruz overcame Davis in a 4-1 decision.

Davis and Cruz traded shots for three thrilling rounds.

“I’m still a champion,” Davis said after the fight and thanked his supporters.

The fight was Davis’ fifth time boxing in Tokyo. He previously beat Enrico Lacruz (5-0), Sofiane Oumiha (RSC), Gabil Mamedov (4-1) and Hovhannes Bachkov (5-0).

Davis advanced to the quarterfinals after a win against reigning silver medalist Sofiane Oumiha, of France. The match ended early on the decision of the referee after Davis hit Oumiha in the jaw with a powerful righthand punch.