NoVa Hackers, a group of information and security professionals in the Northern Virginia area, is leading the way for learning and collaboration within their organization. All day Monday, the NoVa Hackers held their SchmooCon Epilogue in McLean, Virginia. 

“Sharing, growing and teaching each other things is how we help the industry go forward even in our small group,” said Rob Fuller, co-founder of NoVa Hackers. 

Over 150 members attended topical lectures, competed in MetaCTF challenges, and participated in discussions about cyber and information security between insider groups. 

“Working together, being able to communicate, and working in teams is really important. And so, these competitions are awesome for doing that because you have the technical skill,” said Mariah Kenny, co-founder of MetaCTF. 

For more information about NoVa Hackers, how to join and details about their annual conference-visit their Twitter @novahackers or their website,