NORTHERN VIRGINIA (WDVM) — Two associations in Virginia are helping transport veterans who are disabled or over 65 years old to their COVID vaccine appointments.

The Northern Virginia Veterans Association and the Dulles Area Transportation Association were awarded federal funding for the team project on providing this transportation.

The program will offer round-trip taxi services at no cost to vaccine appointments. This also includes veterans who may need wheelchair-accessible transportation.

Angela McConnell, president, CEO and founder of Northern Virginia Veterans Association, said she is also a veteran.

“I’m a retired veteran former army and air force reserve,” said McConnell. “And when I got out I really saw a huge gap in need and having resources in one place, so when a veteran can reach out, they don’t get shifted around pointed around to a number of different websites and information.”

While vaccines have become more readily available NOVA Vets says there’s been an escalating transportation crisis preventing the most vulnerable veterans from getting their shots.

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