UPDATE 12:33 a.m. — Fairfax County Chief Kevin Davis held a conference with an update on the shooting.

Davis said that three officers were involved in the incident. Two officers discharged two tasers several times before the third officer fired his weapon, which hit and killed the man.

Major Eli Cory said during the conference that they received a call about a man in crisis just after 7:00 p.m. Responding officers could not find the person they were looking for. They got a second call around 8:45 p.m., when they found the man.

Cory said that during the struggle, the man charged at the officers with something in his hand. They said that emergency responders were immediately dispatched, but the man died on the scene.

Police said that the camera footage will be released within 30 days. All three body cameras will be made available.

Officials did not identify the man.

McLEAN, Va. (DC News Now) — Police responded to an officer-involved shooting in McLean on Thursday evening that left a man dead.

DC News Now’s partner DC Realtime News first received the tip and reported that one man was dead after an altercation on Arbor Lane.

Police said that officers were called to a home for a man who was throwing objects outside. They said there was a struggle between the man and the responding officers that led to the shooting. The man was pronounced dead on the scene, and no officers were injured.

Neighbors were shocked that this happened. Many said that the neighborhood this took place in is a nice neighborhood.