FAIRFAX, Va. (WDVM)– Electronics allowed only on the weekends, have now turned into a necessity for some Fairfax County Public School students. Parents are learning how to find their rhythm as they homeschool their children during this pandemic.

Shereen Marcus, FCPS Parent said, “Basically what I tell the boys is in the morning and in the afternoon check at least twice a day, go on there google classroom go on there blackboard and make sure that if their teacher has posted anything to go ahead and do those things.”

Marcus has two sons that attend FCPS schools. She said she makes the boys’ schedules for the day because FCPS hasn’t implemented the required assignments that they have to turn in.

Ethan Marcus, FCPS Student said, “Usually our teachers post something here, here’s my Social Studies they post something here for us to do but my other teachers, also post on Blackboard.”

Although the Marcus family is learning together as they go, one St. Timothy Catholic School parent of three says the school administration has made it easy for homeschooling her children because of e-learning.

Aimee David, St. Timothy Catholic School Parent said: “When it was announced that we will be out of school for an extended amount of time the administration and the faculty immediately got together at St. Timothy’s to put together a mechanism to provide E-Learning to our students.”

David said her children take school tests, and watch educational videos. Everything that they would do in school they are able to do from home.

Marcus David, we have Language Arts and Literature, and then we have Social Studies which is history, then I usually do Religion and then Math and then Science.

Aimee’s son in 3rd grade describes his experience being homeschooled: “I think it’s pretty fun.”