FALLS CHURCH, Va. (WDVM)– As many celebrate Easter, churches across the nation are celebrating a little bit differently Sunday, live streaming their service.

Easter Sunday also known as Resurrection Sunday will be celebrated differently this year due to the global pandemic. Father Paul Scalia, Pastor of St. James Catholic Church in Falls Church said he is trying to adjust to the new normal.

Father Paul Scalia, Pastor said
“Our liturgy involves touching and being near one another, and most importantly it involves receiving the Eucharist in holy communion. Now that we’re live streaming that simply doesn’t substitute.”

Following social distancing orders by Virginia’s Governor, Ralph Northam, Scalia said live streaming their service is a stop gap for them.

“We pray for an end of the pandemic so there wont be lose of life, but so we can also be restored to one another. It’s deep in our human nature to be communal with one another. Although we practice social distancing necessary for this time, it wears on us because deep within us is a desire to connect,” said Scalia.

Although Scalia is not able to see his parishioners face to face, he is able to keep them connected through phone calls, social media, and emails.

“It’s important for people to have a sense of normalcy, a routine and regularity because everything else is disrupted. We want to give people a sense that we continue the worship that we offer to the Father Son and Holy Spirit that continues,” said Scalia.

Father Scalia said the church is still open for people to come and pray, but only 10 people at a time.