ARLINGTON, Va. (WDVM) — Arlington-based photographer Anthony Bolognese is offering free headshots for the area’s Black business owners. 

“I wanted to offer what I knew I was able to do at my best,” he said. “Plenty of other photographers in the area are photojournalists and they’re more than happy to go out to the protests and do what they know how to do in that regard.” 

Tiffany Jones
CEO and Founder of Divine Healing LLC

On Sunday, he photographed a handful of African American women, many of whom are new business owners. Tiffany Jones founded Divine Healing LLC in Arlington just weeks ago and took advantage of the offer.

“Everyone has been impacted by the traumatic times in the world right now and I just love how he was able to provide his input and support to support those who are extremely impacted by what’s going on,” Jones said.

Crystal Johnson
Founder and CEO of Johnson Consulting Services LLC

Crystal Johnson, founder and CEO of Johnson Consulting Services LLC, has owned her business for about a year and a half in McLean. “Black-owned businesses struggle, period, with gaining financial opportunities. This right now, with the marches and the protests, I feel as if people are realizing how important black-owned businesses are. A lot of them are small. But because they are small it takes a big hit,” Johnson said. “So I think the attention is great.” 

Most headshots are cost prohibitive. Bolognese’s headshot packages cost $500 for 10 photos, but he wanted to give business owners the opportunity to save the money, since many of them are dealing with the coronavirus. 

“The coronavirus actually gave me the time and opportunity to promote my business more,” Johnson said. “With Anthony doing this, I wanted to show the person that I am now. This is my opportunity to help people who are in need of a job. I’m really grateful for the opportunity.”

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