ARLINGTON, Va. (WDVM) — Arlington native Zoey Robinson is a 6-year-old entrepreneur aiming to make the world a better place.

Robinson hosts her own YouTube channel called “Zoey Tv“, and has published eight books since January 2020. Her goal is to spread messages of hope and creativity to children across the world.

“I help create positivity and creativity around the world. I help people and if they’re sad, I make them happier,” said Robinson.

Zoey’s videos from her YouTube channel have been used in D.C. Public Schools and the Smithsonian Institute during remote learning. The young author’s books are used in daycares and schools across the east coast.

“One of my books are affirmations, so if people are being bullied, then they can see affirmations to know that they’re special too,” said Robinson.

As if running a TV series and publishing books wasn’t enough, Zoey collaborated with groups to support literacy box donations, homeless drives, and anti-bullying and autism awareness initiatives. 
As for the future, Zoey says she hopes to write “thousands” more books, to continue to spread her positivity.

To learn more about Zoey, visit her YouTube channel