MANASSAS, Va. (WDVM) — Over the weekend, the Manassas City Police Department received multiple reports of what they believed to be suspicious activity. Members of a group, called the Virginia Youth Club of America, were going door to door asking for donations and reportedly referred to a few police officers by name.

Police initially warned the public that they were unaffiliated with the nonprofit and believed it was a scam, but on Wednesday, they corrected that statement. An investigation revealed the nonprofit does indeed exist, however they are not endorsed by the police department.

“They had a documentation that had some information about our department,” said Public Information Officer Sarah Maroney. “It was a document intended to show to our officers should they be stopped for door-to-door solicitation.”

It’s always important to conduct research before donating to a charity. Maroney says a legitimate organization will let you take information and donate at a later time.