PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, Va. (DC News Now) — A man accused of kicking a 3-month-old cat in the head repeatedly faces a charge of animal cruelty after the kitten died.

The Prince William County Police Department said officers were at Stone Pointe, an apartment complex in the 14900 block of Potomac Heights Pl. in the Woodbridge area, on Friday, May 26. Police received a call about a domestic fight.

Investigators said the cat’s owner left the Siamese and Maine Coon kitten in an apartment with Frederick Grant Pierce, 18, who is a family member. She returned later in the day, and found the 3-month-old cat unconscious in the bedroom. The kitten died. Animal control officers took the cat’s body so it could be examined and so that the cause of death could be determined.

Police said at some point during the day on May 26, Pierce had kicked the cat in the head multiple times.

They arrested Pierce as a result of the investigation, which led to a felony animal cruelty charge against him.