CHANTILLY, Va. (WDVM) — With Presidential Elect Joe Biden and VP Elect Kamala Harris making their way into office come January, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine expresses concerns of the GOP’s refusal to accept election results.

The Grand Old Party’s refusal to accept election results according to Kaine could threaten national security and delay the distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine. Kaine said the need for this transition is important to continue to save lives.

Senator Tim Kaine said, “The refusal of the GSA to give this ascertainment to say, okay Congress has put money together and a transition, we can start spending and let the Biden teamwork. There would be no harm if we did that. If they wanted to fight court battles, they can, but it wouldn’t harm anyone allowing the Biden transition team to work on these significant issues, however, it’s affecting many people.”

Kaine said it’s on the GOP to hold Trump accountable and prove that they care more about protecting our National Security.